Affirmation for November 17, 2011: Believing in Yourself

Whatever your work and whatever its worth,No matter how strong or clever,Some one will sneer if you pause to hear,And scoff at your best endeavor.For the target art has a broad expanse,And wherever you chance to hit it,Though close be your aim to the bull’s-eye fame,There are those who will never admit it.- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Thought of the day:
Achieving your goals and finding happiness is impossible if you don't believe in yourself, and there always seems to be someone out there who is willing to vouch for your self doubt with their own negative opinion. But the truth is, nobody else can give you the confidence you need to strive for your dreams, and no pill can alleviate a lack of that belief. It is time to push beyond what you believe your  capabilities are. Go further. With every success you meet, your self confidence will grow. And that will be the push you need to keep stepping outside your comfort zone, and to attain the accomplishments you truly deserve.
Don't stop believing!
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Thank you for the value that you put into your own Website. I have lost many friends that helped me achieve my goals on this website and am deeply saddened, however, I continue to move on, doing my best every day to stay positive. I pray for my friends, and try to stay off the site and not post in the groups I once very much needed for support. THANK YOU, because I came in when I really needed the good people that were here =)

How timely this message is for me.:-) Thank you nor much encouragement at my house.