Affirmation for November 11, 2010: Strength and Remembrance

The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.- Max Lerner, The Unfinished Country, 1950Thought of the day:There is no set age when one "grows up." Finding that pillar within you that you can hold on to even during a hurricane is sometimes a lifelong journey. But to know that it's somewhere in there inspires us to keep looking. Don't ever stop believing there is a strength within yourself that can survive anything. Everyone has it - as long as they believe in it.
Also, today is Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, a day to remember the strength and sacrifice of soldiers and civilians in times of war. We honor those who fight for their countries and beliefs, and thank them for their service.
Have an enduring day!TeamDS
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The truth is that the strength is there if you believe in it or not. Believing doesn\'t make anything true, but it will lead you truth.

um.. er .. Believing doesn\'t make anything true, but it will lead you TO truth.