Affirmation for May 25, 2010: Apologies

An apology is a good way to have the last word.
- Author UnknownThought of the Day: The irony of today's quote is that we always want to "have the last word" when we're arguing with our loved ones, but the truth of it is, no matter how right we think we are, it's usually a sincere, heartfelt apology that stops the argument and begins the path to healing the damage. Don't think of apologies as an admission to guilt, or as defeat. When you've had some time away to think about the argument, take the conflict out of the "I win-you lose" context and think in terms of how important the relationship is to you. Let the apology come from the part of you that recognizes that no matter who was right or wrong, feelings were hurt and things can be done on both sides to fix things for the better. Have a peaceful day! TeamDS
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