Affirmation for May 10, 2010: Balance

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.- Andre GideThought of the day:Everyone has an emotional/mental/physical comfort zone, and it feels natural to want to stay in that zone. Adventure is not a flavor of life many truly enjoy, which is how we maintain the stability of families, homes, and peace of mind. But for those who brave the risks of the unknown, we gain new frontiers, incredible discoveries, and new worlds.The quote above tells us one truth, essentially, "no guts, no glory." But there is an equal amount of value in those who choose to be the rock that steadies our way of life.Take care to have a balance of both spirits in your life. It doesn't do well to constantly be on the brink of adventure, nor does it do well stay in all day, every day, without trying something new.Have an inspired day!TeamDS
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It got me thinking about the words, \" you are the rock, and on this rock I shall build my church...\" I am not trying to be religious, but a strong stable foundation will be what it takes to strive in new discoveries.