Affirmation for March 6, 2013: What You're Looking For

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
- John Lubbock
Thought of the Day:
Sometimes, all we can think about is a change of scenery; something new to bring a new sense of interest in our lives; something else to make us feel differently than we do at any given moment.
Many of us are more actively looking for an escape than we even realize. But the truth is, we can experience life differently without going anywhere. And we don’t have to surround ourselves with new things, or new people, just to bring a positive difference into our lives.
More often than not, the change we are looking for can be found within ourselves, and the way that we look at things.
Have an eye-opening day!
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That\'s exactly how I feel right now.. I know the change I crave needs to come from within me!!