Affirmation for June 15, 2010: Resolutions

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the years'. - Henry MooreThought of the day:How many of us wait until New Years' to make our resolutions to change our lives for the better? For some of us, the new year is a symol of new beginnings, a fresh change. But then, how many of those resolutions fall to the wayside as the year progresses?New years' resolutions are famous for being short-lived, but your inner resolution to make a positive change in your life is stronger. Seize the day, and put down on paper what your goal is. Then, every day, write down under that one little thing you are going to do THAT DAY to get you closer to your goal.Writing down your baby steps towards your goal every day is physical proof of your resolution. Give it a try, and see your list, and your achievement, grow.Have a strong day!TeamDS
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