Affirmation for February 21, 2011: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Self-love is the instrument of our preservation.- VoltaireThought of the day:This week is Eating Disorder Awareness week, and we want to give extra hugs to everyone on DailyStrength struggling with an Eating Disorder. Our Advisors have written Health Blogs this week that address the various aspects of Eating Disorders to help promote understanding of the disease.Check out Dr. Georgianna Donadio's article, Eating Disorders: A Compassionate View of Coping Mechanisms, and read Dr. Jeremy's thoughts in National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: A Reminder to Parents. And don't forget, DailyStrength has a wonderful support group to find other members who are on the road to overcoming their Eating Disorders.Have day full of progress and health!TeamDS
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