Affirmation for August 2, 2012: Mistakes

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.- James Joyce
Taking risks and making mistakes are essential to self-improvement. Don't fear them - embrace them. Justifications tend to serve the ego, and don't offer much to learn from. Instead, focus your energy on analyzing the mistakes you've made, as well as your general condition and thinking going into them, constructively.
Have an unmistakably awesome day!
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Today I woke up with a fading and slight headache. I have friend\'s and they showed their support through caring. I went downstair\'s to eat since my dad and friend were talking as soon as I ate everyone chilled. Earlier I got up was really sleepy don\'t remember much than taking my medication and heading back to bed without a bite to eat. After lunch I spoke about how lunch could of been better walked my friends to a bus stop and my dad baught me a popcylce to eat. It\'s winter in south america and we still can have an excellent time to eat. I feel like I took risks and know my mistake making not that I can not make mistakes and I know someone really cares about saluting and thinking about essentials to self-improvement.

Life is an ongoing experiment in the works, & it is a trial and error process. If we never fail, we will never savor the true feeling of success. But fully agreed, and it is most apt to point out that we should never seek justifications for our mistakes or personal errors. A bit of introspection is always necessary to analyze where we it is always so easy to point fingers, and blame the event or the person in question.
It takes a level of maturity to learn how to be a stand-up act, step up to the plate, and admit to our errors. But at the end of the day it is a release to the soul, knowing that you handled the situation in the right way. Plus knowing how to get the word \"sorry\" off one\'s lips goes far in rectifying any sort of a wrong. Life is short, and we ALL make mistakes!