Affirmation for August 17, 2010: Education

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
- Sydney J. Harris
Thought of the day:
Whether you're currently attending school, sending your children to school, or pursuing your own educational goals, we applaud the decision to "open windows" into the world around us.
It's easy to forget that open minds pave the way of the future. The process of education-- going to class, homework assignments, endless reading and lectures-- may seem like a slow process, but investing in the minds of people is the only sure way to progress for any individual, and for the world.
Never ever stop learning about the world around you, meeting different people, seeing different things. We are never trapped if our mind is allowed to wander free.
Have an enlightening day!
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This was a great Affirmation for me personally today, after all I moved back to school today, so to kick off the year I will take this to heart...I love your entries everyday, they defiantly help me get through the day.