Affirmation for April 20, 2011: Experience Life

The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.- Frank HerbertThought of the day:Has anyone told you that you should learn from other people's mistakes, and not your own? While this might sound wonderful in theory-- after all, mistakes are never pleasant to experience and we all want to avoid them when we can-- sometimes the lessons we learn best are the ones that we experience for ourselves.Life is not easy, but when it comes to building character, there is nothing better to shape a strong and resilient personality than facing challenges head on rather than theorizing or shirking them. The lessons we learn from overcoming these obstacles ourselves are the ones we internalize the most, and we become better people for it.Have a bold-faced day!TeamDS
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I pray hard that God\'s tests make me stronger, and that I am strong enough to face the lessons headon, and not shirk back.