Affirmation for April 13, 2011: Doing Good Deeds Every Day

Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.- Albert SchweitzerThought of the day:DailyStrength is an ecosystem of people who help and people who need help. Look around at the discussions, Hugs, Journal entries, helpful comments, and Member Groups, and you will see that there is a common goal in mind: to seek and to give information, friendship, and comfort. If ever you've thought to yourself: I'd like to help someone today, look no further than a DailyStrength support group. Every day there are people who need your wisdom and experience, and give theirs in return. It is a wonderful exchange, and we are constantly amazed at the results.Thank you to all who have joined in the discussion. You do a world of good.TeamDS
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Love the quote. Aint that the truth. No matter how much pain i\'m in or any mood I am in, I still somehow manage to be able to be useful to others, and that, my friend, is priceless.
Jessie D.