Continuing to seek to affirm myself through the midst of this intro to a breakup, which is mostly good.  There's been a little regret and sadness, I'm sure seeing him at the meetings before the healing is done is just bringing up a lot of whatever. I need to read my It's called a breakup because it's broken.
I'm enjoying days off with tv shows I like, medical shows and talk shows and a couple sit coms, anyway I get a lot out of some of those shows and I like having that little escape sometimes  too much.  Oh and my books, thank God for those.  I feel grateful for all this free time.
I'm grateful for my affirming friends.  I'm grateful for honoring my feelings.  Breakups are hard.  Taking sobriety birthday cakes in meetings where he goes is hard.  Not taking others personally is a challenge. 
Grateful for Al Anon, my 12 step meetings, sobriety, for yoga and nature and my pet dog, for my volunteer work, for my family.



So glad you are finding things to be grateful for-such an important thing to do! So glad also that you have books and tv-sometimes we all need to find ways to relax and escape life a little bit!:0)