advocacy "stuff"

The last week or so I received a reply from our local state rep that she would like to meet with me regarding parent drug education mandatory/mandate idea I have.  I'm also meeting with a member of our state health department who is the chair of a new coalition that will be focusing on finding ways to prevent drug prescription experimentation and abuse.  They finally realized that there is a growing problem amongst our young people and decided to address it.  Their focus is education.  He knows what I'm doing and suggested we meet so we'll see if I can provide anything for him or him for me!  Also a representative from the PTA wants to meet with me too.  She offered to help me promote our program more.  All good.
And in the middle of next month -  I'm going to Baltimore for a conference sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Association - federal government group) to hear what's planned and to provide input.  
I have some work to do!  All good!



It\'s nice to hear that you are developing wider interests and partnerships!!!!!!