I am very inspired today and hopeful about my health.  I spent 3 days with our 5th grade classes in Catalina.  The trip was better than last year.  I went kayaking and snorkeling.  I was very tired after both activities.  I did both on 2 separate mornings.  I took time to rest afterwards and felt OK.  Funny thing was is I felt more free to move.  This disease is challenging.  How much is to much.  And yet my body moved more freely and better over the course of the three days.  It is incentive to move more.  It gives me hope that I can manage this disease and find ways to remain healthy.  i do yoga/pilates at home several times a week already and now I am thinking about the pool!   My bionic leg is still up an working and it has helped me gain some strength and stability back.  I just want to stay mobile.