Adding an End Date and Where is the Stump?

Hey, I see the URL for the Blog didn't show in the Goal description... or did I just show it in the email version? Anyway I thought I would include the location of the Gnomestead Stump so that people could keep an eye on my progress. You can find the Gnomestead Stump at: and see if I am keeping up with my articles.I wrote my 15th today and this is the 15th day that I have been doing it.  PS did that while suffering the flu  BTW what do you think of my Jimmy Olsen look. I figured this one was appropriate for this journal entry Take Care! ~ Darrell  Oops, almost forgot I decided to commit to 1 year or 365 days from April 17 when I started...or April 16 2009 so that makes it approximately 5% (well 4% but the slider goes by "5"s)