Adding a pain journal

Doc suggested I keep up with symptoms and changes, 
*newly noticed* At night ringing in the ears predominantly left.
Shortness of breath seemingly getting worse (dropping to the 89 with light activity) Good timing since I have a High rez CT monday.
Cramps in muscles on right and left side of lower ribs.
Knees painful when swapping from sitting or standing. Also kneeling out of the question. The pain seems to be a straight line across the center of my kneecap.
*not new but haven't brought it up* Vision seems to be suffering. Glasses prescription isn't more than 5 months old yet it seems Slightly fuzzy above progressive lens.  
Swollen (bruised feeling) above joints. There's a dip then a hump.
Left calve (clot/not clot) no injury, but had 2 nights of leg cramps.
will make a format to copy and paste , may ask the doc if he has one.
Daily morning joint twists (i call them) were it feels like my joints are twisted and I cant straighten them.
Memory, sharpness, concentration. all come and go, that's scary to me