Active women 50 + wanted to share ideas

I added a "Active women 50 " section to MY GROUP's -I guess for personal reason's and curiousity . I wanted to see if creating a group and inviting others would build a group of women sharing a common goal. Perhaps you have feedback on sites with in the DS similar or effective. I guess , its a way for me to set goals , talk about food , exercise and work life balance. I plan to log on daily looking for discussion on these very common issues. Whats in it for me ? What ever I want to change in my life needs to take up a good part of my thoughts to keep me on track , I see where this is an option by using this forum. Whats in in for you , I don't know ...perhaps you have the same goals and together we discuss , encourage , become accoutable and develop friendships through a common goal. I found this site when my husband was dx with RCC . My eating and fitness came in last as I focused on the most important thing in my life ( Dennis ) . I am now ready to get back to some consistency with goals to lose 15 lbs , lower cholesterol , improve my fitness and general well being .
So , if your game come joing me in My Groups for Active Women 50 + ( what ever age you are is ok ) and jump in . Lets blog ladies
Love to all ,