Aching and tired!!

It's another wet day here in good ole' New Orleans and my body is not letting me forget it!! From my chest to my lower back, it feels like I've been run over by a train!! I was almost in tears while trying to shop for groceries today! I actually shed a few tears after I got to the car...I'm so fed up with this crap!! And it seems to be getting worse...nowadays, my feet are swollen when I awake in the back and chest hurt as soon as I open my eyes. And oh the fatigue!! I average a good three hours before my energy level bottoms out completely! How am I going to survive this?? I pray to God often to let me just make it thru let me beat this!!
I've been wondering lately, does it get worse over time? Will my pain and fatigue worsen as the years pass? It's tough now...what will it be like for me 5 years down the road? I've tried to have a positive attitude about things but I haven't felt well in over a month! There's been more bad days than good ones lately!! Hopefully, things will get better!!!