Absence makes the heart grow Fonder

My last journal entry was June 27,2010. Since then, I stepped away for awhile.
I continued with my AA meetings for a few weeks(1-2xper week), stayed involved with my church and recovery meeting at the church. Learning alot about my stubborness in completing things that are good for me, like Prayer, and meditation. I will wait until things have gotton so bad, before I completely surrender then question," Why did I let this get this far, knowing the tools I've been given to Help correct the problem"
I know that we all do this, but my level of pain is becoming greater and greater. Physically, Mentally, and Spirtually.
I missed Daily Strength, and all those I've met here.
I CANNOT recieve the support that I need, ANYWHERE except my personal relationship with God, and Daily Strength. We are here for each other. I miss you all and look forward to sharing with you soon.