I haven't been on DS for a while. I have felt ok most of the time.   Haven't heard about my last B12 test, but expect it was normal.  I have been taking my B12 regularly for quite some time now. I have been busy working and getting my kids thru their last days of school. I am so proud of them. My step daughter graduated high school last week. That was an exhausting time for me.  We spent a lot of late nights for awards ceremonies and family coming in from out of state.  I got so exhausted that my right foot decided to stop working a bit. Foot drop for a day. It wasn't too terribly severe tho.  I caught up on my sleep finally.  Kids are done with school and are home driving me nuts now! LOL 
Today, my eyes are extremely sensitive to the lights.  It seems really bright in my office.  Not sure if that is a symptom of anything. I am trying to ignore things that I think might be symptoms of something. According to all the docs, I have nothing wrong neurologically.  I am working on staying healthy. My mother, an RN, is not convinced that I do not have MS. She said it can take years for the lesions to show.  I have noticed that I am finding myself increasingly grumpy with the heat of summer. That is not my normal. The sunshine and heat used to make me so happy.  I loved to go outside and just soak in the sunshine. I even took a hot bath last night to try and relax and it just made me more irritable. Not sure at all where that comes from.  Hot baths were something that I relished. It was my alone time. Instead I became aggitated.  Not going to worry about it at this time tho. Just logging it in my journal and moving on.
Hopefully all of my DS friends are doing well. I know that summer is here and many will be suffering from the heat.  Please stay cool and take care of yourselves.