about my road trip. :)

i had the best time! i made the big trip up to visit my sister in law and the long drive was soooo worth it!! and i didn't even mind the drive at all. and it was the best time i have had in a very long time! It made me feel so great to know that she really does think of me as a good friend. like a real friend. it felt great that she liked me for who i am.  im so thankful for her and the friendship we have. and with hanging out with her the whole weekend, we had some really good times. she is so awesome and so much fun to be with! and im so thankful that we are sisters.   and i feel less alone now knowing that she cares about me and that shes a really true friend!!!!!!  she really is making a huge difference in my life! sooo thankful for her! and soo thankful that shes my family!