About my recent tribulations

Hi All,My life went all sideways (well, at least my brain disorder pushed it sideways) due to the following issues:October: My Dad got bacterial meningitis and went from old/active to acute dementia in one night.  He is doing a bit better, but is still gravely confused and we don't expect further recovery.November: Our furnace went out. This left me with no heat for two weeks. We ended up replacing it. $3500December: I started having serious difficulty with racing heartbeat and extreme sweating. I started a cycle of doctor visits to figure out what was going on.January: My daughter had Xrays and MRI to determine why her leg hurt. It was a huge tumor near her hip. This took many doctor visits and we took her to a specialist who ended up removing it. Eventually we found that the plum-sized lump and half dozen additional lumps were benign when they were biopsied. She dropped out of college for the semester. We lost $4000 forfeited to the school.February: The hot water heater went out. We replaced it. $1000. A very close friend transferred with his company three hours away.March: A crisis ensued between daughter and her boyfriend, almost fiance, when he decided to go career military and had affairs with other women.April: I finally had a mental meltdown. Depression. BiPolar cycles. Losing my job in...May: Unemployed. Applied for disability.It has been a nightmare for me.