A Week of Goodbye - Day 7

The bad news: Unfortunately, the Saturday playdate with the prospective family was canceled due to a sick kiddo.  Our agency SW was pretty sure this was a sign that the family wasn't interested, but...
The good news:  THEY ARE!  Once their kiddo was better, they did a short in-home playdate Monday night after preschool.  I was a bit concerned, because the plan was made while our FD was at school and our agency wanted to send a behavioral counselor (who our FD has never met) to the school to pick her up and take her to the family's house about an hour and a half away.  I smelled a disaster coming, so I took an hour off of work to go to our FDs school, explain the plan, and introduce her to the counselor (who she loved!).  The playdate must have gone well because the family agreed to the move contingent on them lining up daycare.
The catch:  There's always a catch in foster care, right?  Looks like the sick kiddo is still sick and going on antibiotics.  Our agency SW asked if we could extend our notice and keep our FD for two more days.  Doesn't seem like a big request on the surface (what's two more days?) but we already told her school that today was her last day.  That means my husband or I would have to stay home with her Thursday and Friday.  We've already taken off too much time from work for this placement, and that's just not feasible.   We agreed to extending the placement until Thursday evening if our agency SW can convince the school to let her attend one more day.  Still haven't heard back about that.
Soooooooo: We wait.  Maybe the move happens tonight, maybe it happens tomorrow.  This uncertainty has made the goodbye process very challenging, and when I have a second to breathe, I'll write another post about how we tried to manage that.  
And now I go back to cleaning .