A week before the big 4-0!

In 6 days I'll be the big 4-0! I can't believe I was born 40 years ago! It was suppose to be a big celebration with my hubby; we were going to go dancing and everything, but then my world shattered when someone murdered him. I've been so lost/sad every emotion in the book, but then another unexpected thing happened three months ago and this time it made me smile! I got a letter from the love of my life! At first I was hesitant to write him back because of what I was going through. I mean I'm supposed to be the grieving widow so why would I possibly be thinking about my "inmate" love. I'm glad he wrote and I wrote back! I've been so much happier and waking up/going to bed with a smile! So it's going to be a nice birthday after all!  I dare not tell a soul because I know they'd burst my happiness bubble. Happy 40th to me