A Waiting Game

After yesterday's freak out I'm feeling a bit better today. I've broken down my resistance to craving sweet things though which means I still have moments of craving but I have no intention of repeating yesterday's events. Plus my Mum is home from work now so I feel pretty safe. I'm just working on building up my resistance again.Suprisingly even after eating a HUGE amount of calories compared with what I have been eating - my weight has stayed EXACTLY the same! And I'm not going to pretend that I'm not over the moon about it either! It's Tuesday and this week is when my GP should be contacting my pdoc. My pdoc doesn't work on a Tuesday (not usually anyway) so I know I'm not going to hear anything today. To be honest I'm not expecting to hear anything till the end of the week but it still hard knowing I have to wait and meanwhile going through hell everyday :( My head is really messed up today. Playing tricks on me. I keep thinking do I really want this? Do I really want to give up what I've achieved? It's getting me down.