A very small amount of shopping today

Today I did do a small amount of shopping for NEEDS. I went and bought products for my hair. lol. I guess that is a need? YES, it is. I am an African-American mixed woman so my HAIR is an ongoing issue.....it takes a lot of work, time, and quality products to tame it. I did not go over board. I only bought the products I needed/ was out of. I did sign up for a membership card with this beauty supply chain, BUT I received a coupon immediately back for the price of the card. I did resist on buying a few other products that I have been itching to try.....I am going to wait until the products that they will replace run out. I did not do too bad today, I spent about $40. On the up side, I save money by doing my own hair! Ethnic hair can be very costly to keep up- straightening, coloring, extensions! This all cost $$$$, many women going to the salon every 2 weeks or about $140+ per month!! So, I am ahead in that area.
 However, TOMORROW I am going to the mall to use my holiday gift cards....THAT will be a true test!! I have 2 gift cards to 2 different clothing stores and I plan to only spend the gift cards and am allowing myself only $5 over on each (to cover taxes). Hopefully, I will not go and spend any additional money!! I am thinking I will do okay, because I am journaling about it AND have a plan before I go! Wish me luck.
Also, on the UP, There are bids on ALL of the items which I am selling online... One of my designer bags is going for more than I paid for it!! ( Well, I did catch it on sale when I purchsed it.) SO, I am beginning to make SOME of the money I have spent on my addiction back, much of it will be gone FOREVER, but I am starting to chip the top off this iceberg of STUFF I have!