A Trip to the Hospital ER

Sunday, May 3, 2009 - 1:20 PM   Friday was not a good day. I got up feeling badly, and as the day wore on, I began feeling worse all the time. Thinking that a miracle or something would happen; I put off calling my doctor's office until late in the day -- just before closing time. When I finally did call, and talked with my doctor's nurse, they were in the process of closing the office. I told them what my problem was, and his nurse promised to call me back, which she did very shortly thereafter, and informed me that I needed to go to the hospital ER right away.   I notified my home healthcare agency that I was going to the hospital, and then called for an ambulance to take me there. I went to a different hospital than usual, which turned out to be a mistake. Other than them not finding anything terribly wrong with me, they were unable to determine what was causing my problems. So much for that hospital. As far as I am concerned, with the exception of the outpatient physical therapy department, the whole place can burn down.   When I was first taken into the examining cubicle, I was asked to get from the stretcher onto the table. Since I am disabled and cannot do that alone, I asked them if they wanted me to do it by levitation? They were not too happy hearing that from me, but if they had read my medical record, they might have gotten the idea that I had a few physical problems of my own.   A man came in and said he wanted to put an IV into my arm. I had no problem with that until he tried sticking one into me three different times without any success. I gave him one more chance and he finally passed the test.   After he took some blood, he closed the door and left the room without giving me a call bell that I could use in case I needed something. I never saw another person for two hours after that.   A nurse finally came in to tell him that my brother was calling. She looked at what used to be a phone on the wall. I said “used to be” because by then it was missing a receiver as well as a cord. She volunteered to tell my brother that I was doing "great." I said she could do that if she wanted to lie to him. She smiled at me and left.   The test results finally came back. I was happy to learn that I did not have the flu or the swine flu. Actually, I think I watched so much news on TV about the swine flu, that I had practically convinced myself that I had it. I made myself sick in the process. On the downside, the doctor told me that I had a UTI even though I have been on an antibiotic for more than a month. Because there was a chance that it was causing me some unpleasant side effects, the doctor agreed with me when I said that I wanted to stop taking the medication.   He said I could go home that night, and they would call an ambulance to take me there. While that was being done, a nurse took the IV out of my arm and wrapped a bandage around the arm where the IV had been. I was lying down with one arm atop the other, and in a few minutes, I suddenly felt something dripping upon one arm. I looked under the blanket, which was covering me, and saw blood streaming out from under the bandage. I quickly called for the nurse and she put a second bandage atop the first one.   Before leaving the hospital, I was told that they were giving me two different types of medication to take with me. They also gave me written directions on when and how to take the medications. Unfortunately, when I looked at the medications yesterday, I noticed that they did not match the ones that were listed on the papers.   I have firmly decided never to return there unless it is a matter of life or death. I cannot stand dealing with such inept people.   I took yesterday off and did very little other than to rest. I did talk to my sister on the telephone, and told her about my experiences. I also told her about why I went to the hospital in the first place. As it turns out, she has had similar medical problems for the past three or four weeks, as has her boyfriend. I sincerely hope that I do not have the same virus that she has because I do not think I can put up with it for that length of time.   Tomorrow morning I am supposed to see my mental health therapist (Dale) along with my brother, Lee. I hope that I am well enough to keep the appointment.   Tuesday morning, I am seeing my psychiatrist, in order to get some refills on my medications. Wednesday, my niece Kathy is having her surgery. Sometime during this week, I need to squeeze in enough time to see my own primary care physician. It may be a few days, or longer, before I can manage to get back here again.