A Tale of Two Sisters

Well, I'll start with the "sadder" tale. My sister who is 3 years younger than me made a post on Facebook, to which I made a very innocuous comment. In reply to me, she was very condescending & mocking. I won't go into all the details, but I did run the situation by friends on another social network to see what I should do (confront/ignore/etc.). They all agreed that she was being "a troll" & that her comment was mean & suggested that I just ignore & not give her the fight she seemed to be looking for. It was good to have a 3rd party perspective, since sometimes one's own perspective is skewed when there are emotions involved!

The happy tale is about my other sister (10 years younger), who just started a new blog today. It opened with her perspective on starting her life over in AZ after spending her whole life in CT (which actually took place quite a while ago). It was neat to have a peek into her thoughts at the time, not just "coming into her own", but a change in perspective due to the move itself.

When I moved out of our parents' house, we didn't spend as much time together, and she grew up into her own person that I did not know as well as the baby sister I once knew. But now, especially since my father died & we had spent some time together, together with exchanges on Facebook & now her blog, I'm getting reacquainted with this person & I'm glad that I am. I hope she feels the same way!