A Sweet Cool Saturday! :) With Shopping, Sunshine, and Cool new Pictures :)

Happy sweet sunshine saturday!!! :) We're enjoying an awesome day, with sunshine, shopping, and sweet smiles being shared! :) my mom, dad, and i enjoyed an awesome time shopping today, at the dollar tree :) it was a wildcard shopping adventure, browsing around, and buying some nice items :) it went really well! :) i was in the sweet confident shopping zone! :)Woot!!! :) i bought some gifts, treasures, and cards :) i'm thinking of the wonderful and amazing birthday everyone gave me with all of the celebrations, and very special memories made :) i'm going to write very special Thank you cards very soon :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) it was so nice shopping today, it's gotten nicely sunny outside, and in the mid 40's :) a hint of spring! :) my dad and i talked about gardening too :) it's gonna be an awesome new gardening season journey :) We look forward to celebrating it with everyone, and also the upcoming Easter Holiday :) We're so happy, and thrilled that everyone enjoyed our baking friday adventure, and my birthday pictures :) i'm having lots of fun sharing all of the awesome times, pictures, with everyone :) i have more pictures to share today in my journal :) i'm going to be decorating a very special birthday cards/treasures themed writing area very soon :) i'm so happy and excited about it :) There's lots of great things going on, and many special memories being made :) Holly and i picked out a new movie to watch tonight :) my mom and dad went to the groceries store earlier, and picked up some iced drinks on the way home :) iced tea CHEERS!!!! :) it's been such an amazing week, and there's so much more to look forward too :) i'm feeling very blessed, and thankful :) Thank you angel friends, for celebrating with us :) We love you all bunches! :) Enjoying a spirit soaring sunny day! :) Tonight, the popcorn movie party is on!! :) woot!! :)

Hi angel friends! :) Sunny smiles, and CHEERS!!! :) the March celebrations continue to rock and roll! :) We love it!!! :) and Easter holiday is coming up soon! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and we hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day :) it's gotten nicely sunny here, and is in the 40's :) it feels warmer outside here, and it' awesome seeing the sweet blue sky, hearing and seeing lots of birds, and spring sprouts beginning to spirit dance in the gardens! :) The gardening season will be here soon! :) there's lots of great things going on, and many special memories being made :) it's been a sweet spirit soaring week, and the weekend's arriving with lots of spirit too :) i'm enjoying all of my wonderful happy birthday cards, gifts, treasures, and goodies :) i've got some very special plans, to decorate a birthday themed writing area :) it's gonna look so nice, glowing with my nice new cards, gifts, and treasures :) i'm gonna be decorating it very soon :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) i'm feeling very blessed, and thankful :)

Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all of your beautifully heart warming comments, on our baking friday journal, and on my birthday journal :) We're so happy, delighted, and thrilled that everyone is enjoying our adventures, celebrations, and pictures :) You all are a BIG very special part of all of the awesome joys being shared :) Thank you angel friends, so very much! :) it warms our hearts, and brings us lots of smiles, getting to share in, and celebrate with you and your family's :) it's been an amazing month of March, and there's so much more, to look forward too :) You all are very special, and bring us lots of great joy, happiness, peace, and excitement :) We're enjoying all of the awesome times, and a sweet day, as the weekend is blossoming :)

We love the weekends, and i've been taking some nice time, to reflect back upon the recent days, and week, and looking forward to lots more special times, with family and friends :) Spring season will be blossoming beautifully all around us very soon :) We're so happy, and excited, for all of the great times being shared :) my dad and i have been talking about gardening, and some cool plans we have, for the upcoming gardening season :) it's gonna be awesome, rocking and sunshine rolling! :) This morning, we had a beautiful new day, rising and shining :) As the morning was blossoming, it began to get sunny :) i heard lots of birds singing happily :) i got ready for my early morning nature walk :) i put lots of goodies outside, in our backyard :) our nature friends love their breakfast feasts :) i spotted some bluejays, and other birds visiting our yard, they gathering the goodies :) our plants are doing well, and continuing to flourish :) it feels warmer today, and when we went out this morning to shop, the thermometer up the road from us, said 44 degrees :) We love going out to shop on saturday's :)

Around late morning, my mom, dad, and i were all set, and ready to shop :) i felt very relaxed, focused, and confident :) it was gonna be a wildcard shopping experience, browsing around :) We enjoyed a nice car ride over to the shopping center :) we arrived, and parked our minivan :) we walked over to the dollar tree, and got some shopping baskets, and began to browse around :) They have lots of nice Easter items :) it's wonderful to see all of the items :) Easter sunday is coming up soon :) i was browsing around, and also looked at the garden/nature supplies and decorations area :) i bought some treasures :) over in the greetings cards aisles, i bought some cards :) i'm so excited to write some very special thank you cards soon :) my mom and dad were finding some great items too :) it wasn't busy at the dollar tree when we were shopping there. i looked at the hotwheels, they didn't have many left on the shelves, but i'm hoping they get a whole new shipment in soon :) Holly and i love hotwheels, we collect them :) she looks at the hotwheels when she goes shopping too :)

The shopping adventure and experience was going really well :) i looked at the candy aisle, crafts and writing supplies aisle :) my mom, dad, and i were sticking together in the store :) We looked at the foods, and snacks aisles, and bought some items :) they have lots of new items available :) near the front of the store area too, we saw some new snacks, and lots of Easter items :) we finished up shopping, and went to the checkout :) i was so excited about the nice items i found in the store :) my mom, dad, and i checked out together, it went nice and smoothly :) they had 2 checkouts open :) after we were all set, and checked out, we walked outside, and into the sweet blue sky, sunshine, and nice fresh air :) it definitely feels warmer outside, like a hint of spring air :) we put our items into our minivan, and began our journey home :) my mom and dad went back out to shop this afternoon at the groceries store, and picked up some iced drinks at dunkin donuts :) it's so nice and sweet of them :) i got an iced tea :) Cheers! :) i'm so happy and excited about the nice items i bought at the dollar tree :) i'm putting together a treasures package to mail on super wednesday :) March/April celebrations smiles!!! :) There's so much more, to look forward too :)

We're enjoying a great day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) It's been an amazing stretch of days :) it was so nice going shopping today :) i'm so happy and excited, to share some more pictures, of my birthday gifts and treasures i recieved :) Holly and i picked out a new movie to watch tonight :) We love our fun, saturday night popcorn movie party's :) i'm going to begin decorating my writing area soon, with my awesome birthday cards, gifts, and treasures :) i'm so excited to decorate, and will share pictures with everyone :) March is such an amazing, fun and exciting month :) There's so much more, to look forward too :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM HAPPY SUNNY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more awesome times to look forward too, with family, friends, nature, and the wonderful spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a great day :) We went shopping, and going to watch a movie tonight :) i'm enjoying all of my nice cards, and gifts i recieved for my birthday :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice day :) We think of you all often :) We're so happy and excited to celebrate in more awesome celebrations of the season with everyone :)

BIRTHDAY SMILES!!! :) i'm so happy, excited, and thrilled, to share with everyone, some more pictures, from my birthday, my lovely cards, gifts, and treasures :) i love everything, so very much, and will always cherish and treasure everything, with all of the love of my heart :) i'm smiling lots, enjoying my cards, gifts, and treasures :) i'm going to be putting together a very special birthday themed writing area, to share with everyone :) i'll be writing very special thank you cards, very soon :) i've got some more pictures here, to share :)

my family gave me sweet happy birthday cards, including some nice cards the kids created for me :) Taylynn brought out her paint sets, and crafts kits, and she, Hunter, and the triplets, all made some nice cards for me :) awww! :)


my mom and dad gave me this awesome new greenhouse stand, for our gardening :) it's so nice!!! :)

Holly gave me these 2 awesome hotwheels collectible cars :)

Kirsten (Agirlonlifesroad), Daniel, and their family gave me, this awesome nightmare before Christmas keyring collectible :) i got the oogie boogie character :)

my mom and dad gave me a new, sanyo vpc, x1200 digital camera :) it's my favorite :)

my lincoln cents books :) i'm putting my pennies collection in my collector's books :) i have 3 collector's books i recieved for my birthday :) the 3 books, cover the lincoln cents, from 1909 through 2013 :) i love collecting the cents :)


Cool new dvds from my mom and dad :)


Cool TWD collectible car :) my mom and dad gave me this awesome TWD themed car, featuring a mustang from season 2 of the show :) i have 5 of these cars in my collection now, this is the 5th car in my collection :) i have 4 of the cars now, and the TWD rv :)Awesome!!! :)


postcards :) my mom and dad gave me these nice seasonal postcards :) i'm so happy and delighted about writing cards to mail to everyone :)


Hi angel friends! :) i'm gonna open up some birthday mail this evening, and will be sharing in my journal tomorrow, about the envelopes i recieved :) big happy birthday week smiles!!! :)



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and enjoyed shopping. Happy to hear you found some great items at dollar tree. It was warmer with sunshine here too.Glad Spring is on the way. I enjoyed seeing your birthday photos.You got some nice gifts and cards.The TWD car is neat and the greenhouse stand looks very nice. Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Enjoy a good evening Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Happy Belated Birthday Chris!! You received a lot of nice gifts. Sounds like you had a nice day shopping. I went food shopping today. I dont want to be in the grocery store right before the Holiday.