' A Summer Time Friend ' !

A Summer Time Friend just somehow knows
 When it is time for fun,
So comes with ice cream cheer
A heart to gladly love.
A Summer Time Friend will somehow guess
When the heat is setting in,
And send their loving thoughtfullness
To refeshen you within. A Summer Time Friend has that sixth sense
Just when you need some prayer,
And lift you up to heaven's throne
Just 'cause they always care.
A Summer Time Friend will bring their smiles
To splash upon life's page,
To make a day feel wonderful
No matter what your age. A Summer Time Friend will whisper peace
Upon a boiling day,
They'll be right there to bless your heart
Tomorrow, come what may.
Thank You For Being Such A Fabulous Summer Time Friend...
                                LOVE   YA    ~Barbara



That\'s sweet, Barb. How did you post the pix too??

I hope that I am a summer time friend.
Love, Angela

Thanks, that was so nice.
Hugs, Jean