A small dot of light at the end of a dark tunnel

I found a specialist in Kentucky so hopefully this will work out.....I have an appointment with them on November 9th, it is a consult visit but at least it is a start.....I just hope that this will be what I need cause the only other option is to go to Atlanta and that is over 6 hours away.....I really hope that they can help me.....things are really getting bad last night I was on the couch and noticed my pain was getting worse and worse then I realized my heating pad was not working, I panicked....I asked Justin what was wrong with it and he kept saying he did not know, I freaked.....I started to tear up..... I was getting so upset, being that I knew what would happen.....knowing that the pain would be so much worse without it.....Poor Justin was trying to calm me down but at this point I was in total panick mode, needless to say I made a late night trip to the store to get a new one, justin kept begging me to let him go but I said no you won't get the right one.....at this point I was a nut job crying and freaking out.....Looking back on it now it is like oh my gosh how sad is that......I have become dependant on the heating pad.....but the thing is I feel better with it.....not that the pain goes away but it makes it to where I can relax and not tense up........so I lost it last night.........but once I got the new one and got home I was better, calmed down, apoligized to Justin, who just laughed and kissed me and said it was ok, I understand........I am so blessed to have such a great understanding guy!!!!!