A second hospital stay

I just got out of the hospital late yesterday afternoon as my small intestines decided to take another nap, Illeous, where it can move out of place,get a kink, or who knows. At least this time I went to the ER before it got so bad I had to have strong pain killers and by the next morning after pumping me full of fluids it started moving again on my own.My hubby wanted to try other means before going to the ER on a Saturday night but I told him I was sorry I wasn't going to wait for it to get as bad as the first time 5 weeks ago. It was amazing though that the same doctor who took care of me the last time just happened to be in the ER that night.so he knew what was  happening and didn't run a lot of unnecessary tests. They feel part of it may simply be a lack of Potassium and Magnesium so cross your fingers and lets see if we can stay out of the hospital at lest till after the holidays I'd be interested to know if anyone else has been through this,