a sad day

I am sad today.  I lost a good friend this morning to breast cancer. She was a first grade teacher and a good one. She had struggled for most of this year. Every treatment to stop the growth but nothing worked for her.  She dealt with the cancer with grace and dignity like no one I have ever known.  She never failed to ask about Steve.  She will be so missed.
You know when someone dies after trying so hard it is up-setting to those left behind who battle.  Steve was away when he heard and he called me crying. Another person lost to this monster cancer.  I am so sad and yet so MAD.  Why can't a cure be found? I just don't understand the madness of all of this.
My grandaughter and the ones of her church who Betsy taught will sing at her funeral. Everyone wanted in Betsy's room which I think is the sign of a good teacher. She was loved.
Rest in peace Betsy Hamrick Hord.