A quiet day

Not such a nice day today. I went to have a fasting blood test this morning & it was sunny & mild now it is overcast & raining. Managed to get the washing in off the line & have now got it over the gas heater vent. I don't want to use the dryer unless I have to. The electricity has gone up so much this year.
I am so tired I could go to sleep but will try & keep going a bit longer. I must go to the pool today. I have'nt been for two weeks & I can tell. I feel stiffer & my legs are aching. I would love to have a whole day when I feel normal, whatever that is. I see old folk at work with some awful things wrong with them & I think I am lucky to still be reasonably ok but I still get frustrated with myself.
My cousin in England sends me messages on facebook about all the salsa dancing & parties she is going to & she is in her lateĀ  sixties. Makes me sick! When she was here last year I knew I held her back not being able to go out all the time. What can you do as Chris says.
I am going to have to rest. I am getting fidgety all over. I will make a smoothie & then have a lie down.



I hope that you feel better after resting a bit. It is such a hard thing to find the balance of \"getting things done\" and \"having fun\" when feeling well. Then when the body gets snatched again by the SS it\'s like getting diagnosed all over again. That\'s how I feel anyway. It\'s such a blow to my spirit when it gets the best of me. I hope you don\'t feel that way. My wish is that the rest does you good and you get to the pool for some laps!