A Quick Guide to Singapore Job Searches

Amazing Job Opportunity in Singapore

Singapore is a small country but its ability to provide job opportunities is amazing. Most of the jobs in Singapore are in the industry and service sectors. The strategic location, low corruption rate and skilled work force make this country the top destination of more than 7,000 multi-national corporations from the United States, Europe and Japan. Besides, you can also find around 1,500 companies from China and 1,500 companies from India. Singapore has been successful in several economic areas. Even though a contraction of -0.8 percent occurred in 2009, it was able to recover its economy in 2010 with a 14.5% of GDP growth. The incredible economy growth makes this country counted as one of the Four Asian Tigers.

In December 2010, the service sector employed 2,151,400 workers out of 3,102,500 jobs. Around 64.2% of these jobs are held by locals so that the rest are handled by foreigners. Compared to other Asian countries, the poverty level in Singapore is much lower. These facts make Singapore as the most favorite destination for job seekers.

Are you interested in finding a job in Singapore? Finding the right job in this country can be challenging. Here is a quick guide to make your job search in Singapore easier and successful:

Salary You Can Earn

A degree holder of any kind can typically earn SG$2000 per month. It depends on your expertise; you can even earn up to a thousands of dollars if you have good expertise. Commonly, IT workers earn the highest salary in all fields. In Singapore, you will always obtain good compensation since there is a government branch that monitors workers compensation called Ministry of Manpower.

Applying for Jobs in Singapore

About 95% of job openings in Singapore are posted online. Thus, you have to be active in browsing the Internet in order to get the right job in the country. Numerous websites are available to help you locate jobs in Singapore. These sites commonly require you to submit a resume with an attached photograph. Before applying for friendly dolphin part time jobs in singapore , make sure that you have already arrived in Singapore. While it is true that the application can be submitted online from anywhere, companies will generally prioritize applicants who reside in Singapore.

Working Procedure

You won't work under a contract when working in this country. You have to be an apprentice for at least 3 to 6 months before becoming a regular employee. Different work passes are given to employees in Singapore. Workers who earn salary of SG$2000 - SG$2799 will get an S Pass whereas workers with salary of SG$2800 upward will get E Pass.