A place to belong

just built up emotion, feels kinda nice to write again. i love the flow of rhyming lol. anyways my poems are always extremely emotional for me as theyre the best way i express my deepest thoughts and feelings. this just kinda came out, just like the other poem about my mom. been really lonely and overwhelmed lately and i honestly cant tell you the last time someone even touched me let alone hugged me. i wish i had caring friends or family. anyways, onto the poem.
everyone keeps telling me that i seem so strong,
i just wanna yell and tell them theyre wrong.
i might seem composed,
well put together all around,
but my insides are crumbling,
its just my exterior that is bound.
i have so much hurt,
deep in my heart,
i had to learn to set thoughts and emotion apart.
so much pain all around i dont know where to start.
ive buried myself so deep,
but everything just comes back to the surface.
what did i do so wrong to deserve this?
i love and get hurt,
i stay and they leave,
i give everyone my all,
yet everywhere i look theres deceit.
its beyond my belief!
too much loneliness, too much grief...
is this life my life? is this all ill achieve?
why life is like this is completely beyond me.
i try and i try,
i never give up.
but it seems all i do,
is never enough.
i know lifes a journey.
its a constant bout of learning.
i dont mind the roller coaster,
but enough of this yearning.
yearning for love,
or acceptance, or a hug.
its the emptiness im sick of.
im not strong,
im weak.
im broken and hurting.
someone just listen,
to these words i keep blurting.
im screaming for help,
deep in a sound proof body.
i feel so distant,
i hate these hurtles put upon me!
ive grown so much and im getting so smart,
ive got a good head on my shoulders and a good heart.
im waiting for this chapter of my life to end so a new one can start.
everyone keeps saying that im so strong,
but i just wanna yell and tell them theyre wrong.
this life is so hard,
im just barely dragging along.
im desperate for change,
i hope nothing else will go wrong.
im just looking for my place,
a place to belong.