A Peaceful Sunday, keeping warm at home :) Looking forward to spring nature, and TWD party :)

Happy Sunday! :) hot tea cheers! :) We're enjoying a nice relaxing, and peaceful day at home,keeping warm, making some hot teas, and enjoying some writing time, youtube videos, and looking forward to getting back out into some more nature soon :) it got very chilly cold here, during the evening and last night, and rainy. i put some treats outside this morning, for our nature friends :) it's a nice day at home :) Holly and i watched some youtube videos earlier :) i made some baked sweet potatoes, and salsa and cheese tortilla wraps :) We're so excited, for the upcoming season finale, of TWD, season 8 :) Holly and i are gonna watch the finale tomorrow around late morning, and FTWD show tomorrow night :) it's gonna be awesome! :) i've got my writing area all set up and decorated :) Doing some writing :) We hope the weather warms up again, very soon :) i look forward to some more gardening, and yard work :) it's gonna be great! :) i'm also very excited, for my new TWD trading cards arriving soon :) i'm ordering some more plastic sheets on amazon, for my cards :) Thank you angel friends, for always warming our hearts, and brightening our days :) We're so blessed, and thankful to have you all in our lives :) Cheers! to you all, and the continued joys of blosoming spring season :)

Hi angel friends! :) Big warm caring friendship hugs, sent with our love, and hot tea cheers! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, keeping warm, and having a peaceful day : )We're hopeful the weather warms up again, very soon ,and keeping everyone in our prayers, that's experiencing severe, wintery cold weather. During the evening yesterday, it got very chilly here, it went from about 70 degrees, to 46 degrees, in a very short amount of time, about 2 hours,and was chilly cold this morning and today too. It was about 40 degrees this morning. it's wild, how much the weather can change, in a short amount of time. We're very hopeful, it'll warm back up into the 60's and 70's again, very soon :) it's a good, hot tea day, and keeping warm indoors :) i put lots of treats outside this morning, for our nature friends :) they love to gather the treats :)

We're all hanging out today, keeping warm, and continuing to think of spring season, blossoming :) i'm looking forward to doing some more yard, and garden work soon ,with my dad :) we want to fix our raspberry truellis, we're gonna set it up, near our grapevines, so that our grapevines, and raspberry bushes, can grow amongst it :) it's gonna be great :) as the weather warms up, i look forward to doing some more yard, and garden work :) my next focus in the garden, will be our front yard garden areas, and also our greenhouses area :) it's gonna be so nice, planting more garden seeds soon :) i'm so happy, and delighted that everyone is enjoyign viewing my new pictures :) i look forward to taking many more pictures to share :) gardening is so much fun, and i love being out in nature, especially on those spirit soaring sunny days :) our hyacinth's blossoming, is a wonderful joy, and we've been enjoying our yellow daffodils :) We have some tulips that will be blossoming soon, along with our fruit trees :) There's lots more great nature and gardening joys to look forward too :)

i've been enjoying some hot teas today,and baked some sweet potatoes, and some salsa and cheese tortilla wraps :) it's really good :) Holly and i were hanging out on the phone, and watched some cool videos on youtube :) She and i are very excited, for all of the TWD excitement, with the season finale tonight, and new FTWD season 4 beginning :) i'm going to order some plastic sheets, for my new TWD cards :) i have season 1 cards arriving in the mail this upcoming week, i'm so thrilled to add them to my collection : )Holly and i are completing our TWD, evolution cards set :) We're gonna focus on season 6 and 7 trading cards :) We're only missing a few cards, from those sets :) We love collecting, i'm so happy i got Holly into collecting the cards :) She and i love them :) i have lots of doubles/triples, cards, and will be sending them out to friends soon :) i also gave some cards to my sister Jenn :) She's a fan of TWD, and watches the show too :) Holly and i are planning to watch the season finale, tomorrow late morning :) we absolutely can't wait!!! :) the season finales are always epic :) we've been talking about the show today :)

Happy friendship smiles, sent with lots and lots of love, from Virginia! :) Awww! :) This is so very wonderfully heart warming,and very special :) We're so blessed, and thankful to have you all in ur lives :) my family and i recieved a sweet thank you card treasure, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy, her husband Denny,and their family :) awww! :) This is so nice,and sweet of them :) The card has beautiful flowers design on the front :) it makes me think of all of the special joys, of our friendships that blossomed here on DS :) inside the card, Denny wrote me a nice note, thanking me for gifts i sent him, for his birthday :) awww! :) i love my card, and i'll always treasure it :) i'm displaying my nice card here in my writing area :) Judy, Denny, family, thank you all so very much! :) i deeply appreciate everything :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :)

We're enjoying a nice relaxing, and peaceful day :) keeping warm, enjoying some hot teas, and looking forward to blossoming into the new week :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) We're very hopeful, the weather will warm back up again, very soon :) Holly and i enjoyed watching youtube videos ,and are so excited, to have a mega TWD party day tomorrow : )We're going to watch the season 8 finale tomorrow during late morning, and then watching the first episode of FTWD, season 4, tomorrow night :) it's gonna be awesome! :) we can't wait! :) This upcoming week, i look forward to some nature walks, some more writings, plus we have sweet treats tuesay, super wednesday post office adventure, ghost hunters party, and lots more, leading us into another super fun baking friday adventure :) We look forward to the continued joys of blossoming spring :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us, for being here for us, and brightening our days :) We cherish and treasure your special friendships :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :)BIG GROUP WARM HAPPY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more great things to look forward too, with family, friends, nature, and the wonderful spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a nice peaceful day, enjoying some writing time, hot teas, and looking forward to continued blossoming spring season :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really nice day" :) awww! :) She says, "have a good evening" :) We love you all lots and lots, our sweet dear angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice peaceful day :) Wishing everyone warmth, and we hope very soon, for much warmer weather, and gardening :)

Happy friendship smiles, sent with lots and lots of love, from Virginia! :) awww! :) This is so very wonderfully heart warming, and very special :) i love my nice card, that our dear and lovely friends Judy (Ladybug7), Denny, and family sent us :) This is so nice, and sweet of them :) We're so blessed, and thankful to have you all in our lives :) i'm displaying my sweet card, here in my writing area :) Judy, Denny, family, my family and i thank you all so very much! :) we deeply appreciate everything, w ith all of the love of our hearts :)

Hi angel friends :) it's a cold windy day, we're hopeful the weather will warm up again very soon :) i'd love to re-share some nature pictures i've taken during the course of the past week :) i'm looking forward to some more sunny nature walks soon :) Happy nature smiles :)













Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day enjoying each other's company. Very cold here too . Only reached 31 today cloudy not much rain.We had a bit of freezing rain in the early morning hours. I stayed indoors today. Happy to watch some TV and have a hot chocolate.Glad you're looking forward to watching TWD tomorrow and organizing your new cards.I enjoyed seeing your photos of the birds and your beautiful Spring flowers blooming.Glad your fruit trees are getting ready for Spring . Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good night Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

BRRRR...again! i have to cover plants again tomorrow night! i've been doing a lot of spring cleaning:) it's raining so hard! i'm getting a lot accomplished inside!

love your nature pics...sipping on hot tea is the best idea! love to all:)

Hi Chris happy Monday just want to tell you I’m thinking of you love your pictures of the flowers and birds got lots of birds outside eating our food up lots of bluebirds. Have a wonderful day I know it’s cold and rainy here sending sunshine your way love you bunches your friend Shirley .

Darling Chris , such a lovely journal, love the photos , amazing how you got the hawk, beautiful , the Sparrow is so sweet, yes here too has been quite cold, today was a bit warmer, sunshine, sorry to hear that over there is so cold , glad that you are keeping warm and feeding our nature friends, yes its time that you enjoy gardening , planting, how good to have raspberries , I buy them , had blueberries for breakfast with yogurt and guess i add some organic maple syrup cornflakes, it is delicious, your dinner sounds good, I too eat sweet potatoes i cook them in a large fryngpan with onions and balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and let it cook like a stew, and its so good, can keep in the fridge for a week.
Give your Mom my best wishes for a happy week, and all the family, the children must be so grown up, my Grandson will be 4 soon, time has just flown , he is so sweet, give me hugs , anyway hope the sunshine comes soon and you all get warm , will be watching the walking dead tomorrow, lots of love, hugs, forever friends, thank you for my lovely card, you are always so kind and surprise me, Charlie and Lici say bye, they are here relaxing, keep smiling Chris**