A pattern is starting, here.....

I'm actually starting to see a pattern developing here. I seem to have a littl hick up every couple of days at this point. Ive got meds for panic attacks and these are clearly taking the edge off of them. I'm actually sitting here without a panic attacks but for some reason, I feel that my heart is thumping ( it isn't) but I can just feel it more than I normally do. I'm tired but because I can hear my heart, I cant sleep. Annoying to say the least. I'm not panicking as such, just worried that I might. Strange, isn't it? 
I did really well by going out shopping today. I took it easy and had a really good time. I didn't run around or carry anything. I'm sitting on my bed, in my pjs after enjoying my day. I didn't strain and was with my niece who made it such a good day. 
Half an hour ago, I went to tuck down and then it started. First, I could hear my heart beat and decided to ignore it. But then it got louder. I took another tablet to make sure I didn't panic. And I'm not I'm just so bloody tired. I want some sleep, please. My heart beat has slowed down, now but the panic could so easily creep in if I wasn't on the tablets. What is this? Bit of a pattern? This happened two three days ago. So, so tired. Ma unending I'll fall asleep.....



I use to have this going on. I thought I was the only person that could see my heart beating in my chest. I would sit there and watch to see if it was doing something different, or I would check my heart rate and blood pressure just confirm everything was ok. It became so tedious and frustrating! I had to teach myself to ignore this so that my mind wouldn\'t take over. It takes time but be patient.


Oh, thank you for this, Louie. It was becoming a worry and my eye lids are drooping -so desperately tired. I\'m going to do as you say - just ignore it. Every thing is fine, I know it. Thank you for your re-assurance and just for being there.

Happy new year, Louie