A poem

This is a poem one of the moms in my Share support group recently shared with me; she keeps it posted on her fridge and it says so much:
Please don't ask me if I am better now-
know that I am not.
Please do not simply ask, "How are you?"
I'm grieving. My children are dead.
Please to not ask my husband, "How is your wife?"
Comfort HIM
Please do not say, "Has it already been 3 months?"
it feels like 3 years to me.
Please do not make less of my babies lives by saying,
"You'll have more."
They were the ones I wanted.
Please do not tell me, "Time will heal."
Time is a four-letter word.
Please do not say, "God knows best."
I am angry with God.
Please do not say, "They are in heaven."
I want them here.
Please do not tell me how great you life is-
I am living a nightmare.
Please do not tell me about someone else's healthy new baby-
it's like a knife through my flat, empty belly.
Please do not say, "You look as if you were never pregnant!"
I Want to look pregnant. I want to BE pregnant.
Please do not keep silent and not mention their names-
They were real- do you not think so?
Please do not ask, "What do you need?"
I need my babies.
Please do not ask, "Is there anything I can do...."
Please just do it.  I can't ask.
Please do not ask if I'm better now-
You know that I am not.
I just feel that this poem can speak to all of us in some way.



that is very real. :)

So true! Thank you very much for posting this and for your comment on my journal posting. It\'s so good to have others really understand the way you\'re feeling and thinking.