a nice day

Finally the humidity has broken.....what a relief. I have the windows open and can hear the birds again. Starting to feel better, not so tired and the nausea seems to be gone. i am hoping to get to yoga class on Monday.
I have a rhuemy appt on wed. I am curiuos as to what they will want to try next. I my humble opinion the only thing that has done any good is the plaquenil....but what do I know. I will be very happy if they take me off the cyclophosphimide so maybe my hair will grow back, and let me go off the prednisone so I can get my waist back too. I hope I can get back on my vitamins too, I was having alot of trouble taking them when I had thrush....they kept making me gag so I stopped them for a bit and then with the nausea I couldn't take them either, so Monday will be the day for everything to get back on track....that's at alot to expect out of one day....poor monday.
I think I might even cook dinner today....I'm sure that will make Hubs very happy...lol I started looking at flights to go out and see my son next month, there are no direct flights so I will have to transfer in Calgary....god I hope I don't get lost....lol I have no sense of direction and I have never travelled alone before. maybe i should havemyself equipped with one of those lojack things so they can find me If I end up in timbuctoo...lol



So glad to hear you are feeling better and really hope your Monday holds up!

That sounds like a nice day. It\'s still too hot here for open windows and we have been breaking old records for the heat. Everyone is inside for the most part. I will start hearing the nightingale soon, it\'s about time for him to start. Same time every day.

Good luck with all the flight stuff. I couldn\'t handle that right now, but you get a nice prize at the end. Hope you have a great visit with your son and I would wear one of those masks with all the recirculated air. I know people may stare, but I\'m past worrying about that and past getting sick all the darn time. I would probably make up some good stories about the mask as I just love to mess with people. Hey, I bet you wouldn\'t be strip searched with a mask on. Hee hee. You could tell security that you are highly contagious. Now that would be fun. Sorry, think a little evil is slipping out of me.

I hope you get to reduce the prednisone. I guess I was wrong about the weight loss because I was informed by the hemo that it takes most people 2 months of being prednisone free before they experience any rapid weight loss. I was happy about mine as I\'m now down to the weight that I was when I was 16. Don\'t you just hate me? lol I\'m hoping it is just the candidiasis that has caused a malabsorption problem again. I\'m eating a ton, but all the bad stuff. I\'m not exercising yet. I\'m losing weight for another reason, but I\'m not waiting on the doc\'s to figure it out, I\'m going back on my no fun diet this weekend. Hopefully I can put some weight back on. Can you believe I just said that? We have to worry about the strangest things.

I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve it and thank you so much for your positive support. Not many out there like you, thank goodness I was lucky enough to have met you. Oh and love the new mantra. Love, Peace and Courage, Kim

hey Kim, I\'ve been thinking of the flight and what I should do. the mask thing is hilarious and I might give it a go....lol. the weight thing I have let it go for now, no sense driving myself crazy...just going to eat the beat i can and do the yoga and see what happens. I have never had the problem of trying to put weight on lol it seems to find me wherever I go.
the new mantra is what I am thinking of having tattood on my wrist as a daily reminder.
Thanks for the encouraging words, you\'re the best
hugs and peace