A New Month, New Challenges

If it's not one thing it's another....this cancer is an ever changing process.  We learn from God that life holds  changes, so why am I surprised that cancer wouldn't be also.  Radiation was going really well and of course I began to think I would get through it without incident.  Why would I think that I have no idea, trying to stay positive I guess.   Things went downhill during the fourth week of treatment.  My skin was beginning to turn black under my arm.  In the fifth week the skin at my collar bone was raw.  My stomach was becoming  upset, my Doctor thinking that was due to all the motrin I was taking, which wasn't helping.  I was in tears that week because the pain was so bad.  The doctor decided to give me Vicodin.  I took it on a Sunday, when my husband was home, because I didn't know how I would react to it.  I did fine.  In fact i took it twice that day.  I was so happy that the pain was gone and I was able to have a "normal" day (as normal as a day can be when in treatment).  I worked in the yard, sat on the patio and my spirit  was restored.   The next day, however, I took the Vicodin and about 45 minutes later I found myself dizzy, nauseated and I could barely speak clearly.  I had to have my 15 year old son call 911.    I went to the hospital and went through a battery of tests.  They wanted to be sure it wasn't a hear attack ( I had chest pain).  Well it wasn't, it was an adverse reaction to Vicodin.  After receiving fluids and a ton of vomiting, it was out of my system and I was able to go home. So back to square one.  I'm in pain again.  Back on Motrin because I'm too afraid to take other narcotics.  In this whole process, I've found out I am sensitive to various medications.  My skin is now blistered and I have all kinds of remedies to place on it; dressings burn patients receive, three different creams and gel-like ice strips. I finish radiation on Thursday this week, 4 more to go.  I look forward to healing. I'm sorry my children had to see that.  They were so scared.  I hate that we have to live with cancer.  I wish my wonderful children did not have to go through this at their age.  Please keep them in your prayers.  This is not what their childhood should be.