A new direction :)

Wow wow wow...where do i start and how should i feel? These are one of the billions of questions roaming through my mind! It’s insane! But the fact i should conclude too is i finally did it...I moved out. If i made the right decision, i don’t know now. If i made the wrong decision, so be it, but i am in a silent way much happier. I’ll see how his will rock my boat,..... buuuut im up for it :)Anything just to prevent us two from destroying each other’s spirits…
My sister and I moved in together and its just like old times J Good company J friends and family was a great support. They kept your smile going and did not give up on you J How blessed can one be more?
Seeing my lil one also happy and at peace is soo rewarding. And im getting in my “Beauty sleep” too lol. I feel uncertain, yet free. I feel confused at times yet spontaneous. Its now where you trust yourself and in God that this path is the right oneJ. Even if there are some many more rocks to tackle, im at least up for it now JI do hope Chris is ok and that he changes things, I trust he capable of doing just that! But for now, I have to get going J
This is of most certain the weirdest feeling ! yet I love it!
Thanx everyone !