A new Chapter in a book =D stay positive with me =D

today i could not sleep this riiinging noise in the apartment was irritating..and at first i thought it was just me, so i was worrying started to cry.. but i went outside n it stoped so ya there was a ringing noise inside the apartment. anyway. i hate how i always feel im going crazy, i worry in excess. but i started reading this book i dont have it with me i dont remember what its called its actually a print out of the first chapter so im not sure. but it supose to teach u how to quiet the chattering in ur mind alll the thoughts that dont stopppppp. they ahve become to really frustrate me, the worrying thoughts thaat seems endless im always saying stop ! in my head. it becomes soooo stressfull and sooo tyring, and sooo draining after a while. i just wana cry becauseĀ  of the draining way it makes me feel. it makes me feel like im constantly fighting myself. constantly on the defense. never resting. well thats what this book is suppose to teach you. to control that and to have peace of mind and body. it is suppose to teach you to relax. and rest.i began to read it . and now im excited. because reading it the beeeping noise in my ear didnt matter. i got into the reading. i began to smile at some of the things i read and i began to fall asleep =D i will get the title of that book, when i woke up i felt good i smiled because i felt success. yes! one step closer =D! it felt good and reminds me there is hope =D i will never believe that i cant come out of this =d there is hope. and if we keep our faith . its not that hard. and when i worry like crazy.worry to the point i cry worry to the point i wana give up. i let my tears come out. ( i think to myself, ok, all this worrying, of course there's gona be built up emotion! i cant always hold it in!) and i remind myself. that the worry is just my anxiety. and they are just senerials i am imagining,and thinking. its not my life, its not what is really happening. my life is actually beautiful =D i am lucky and blessed with a wonderful family, husband. and food on the table. =D i will be ok. =D