A Lupus Case Study Note

I came across this while researching something & found it very very interesting.  I know a lot of you know how I feel I'm a self witness to the benefits that Omega 3-6-9 give me.  But this tidbit might be extra food for thought.Lupus Case StudyLorraine Phillips learned she had lupus in 1967. At that time, she was very ill, and she was given prednisone. After 10 years on the medication, she had lost most of her teeth and acquired a dowager's hump. She began to research her illness to find an alternative to steroids.She worked out her own vitamin regimen and over time weaned herself off prednisone. She still has a flare every few years, at which time she takes prednisone for 10 days. But more than 30 years after her diagnosis, she functions 90 percent of the time as a normal person. Lorraine's regimen includes the following supplements, which are taken after breakfast and after dinner: Pantothenic acid, 500 mg, two times daily (double this during a flare) (Vit B5)PABA, 500 mg, two times daily (double this during a flare)Vitamin C, 1000 mg, two times daily Vitamin E, 400 I.U., two times daily Calcium, at least 1500 mg per day Multivitamin with full minerals and high levels of B vitamins, once daily (twice daily during a flare)