A lot today

I did a lot today around the house and now I feel terrible. I just dont know anymore about anything. It seems like whenever I start to do some good it just spirals out of control and I cant stop it. Almost all the laundry is done and I am thinking that I should feel proud of myself for the but for some reason I dont. I am worried about my english class I wish that I could understand it a little bit more but for some reason I just dont. I think that I am going to drop the class but I guess that I could try to pass it and see where it goes. I need to come up with a topic to write about and just cant seem to put my mind where it needs to be. Getting the topic and paper done. It needs to be 5 pages and I am worried I guess about the number of pages that it needs to be more then I am worried about the topic itself. I just need some major help and I dont know where to go anymore. Robyn