A long night

Roger, I am sure you watched my high school home town a fire last evening.  White Swan lost 20+ homes & bldgs.  I contacted my friend to see if I could come and get her animals, but there was no way in.  Have not heard how they fared.
George offered to help me with the rotted floor, his friend & he are going to replace just the section that was rotted - rest was not bad, they even offered to put in the tile for the floor.  I was so bummed and upset on how am I gonna do this, and God sure must have heard my cry.  Alls I did was ask George if he knew anyone who did it around here. I can not wait to get it done.  I was so looking forward w/you to decorate & have a nice master bathroom now I just have to do cheap, get it done.  I do not know if I even care today. There are days I do not even care, I try on others and do fairly well I think.  Than something happens it drags me down.  Wish the weather was warmer so I could go riding.
I can not wait for Mon.to be over.  I will be signing off on your spoilt sons taking their stuff so I can get the land free.  Than the refinancing will go through, its just that more attorneys fees that strap me that money could have gone for more concrete things.  At least they are out of my life forever.  Is this what you want? You raised them I still do not get it.  It makes me mad at you, couldn't you talk to God and made it easier?  Your stupid Ex bugging me for your ring.  I hope I find it some day cuz I am gonna throw it in the river or hawk it...asking once is fine but continually asking....
Did you greet Jim, Larry and Uncle Everett?  I am so glad Larry & Ev are not suffering any more.  Poor Jim a tragic way to go, Rose is so devastated just like I was. 
I miss you I wish you were here.  Life is lonely & so unsettled I wish I knew what was ahead or what I should do. I am luck our place appraised better than I thought.