A little free time

This morning I am anxiously at work trying to focus but finding it hard.  I have my camping trip coming up this weekend and I am anxious about it.  I figure Ill go and set the tent up-go get dinner and build the fire and sleep under the stars...  I know this is not a true camping excursion incomplete as I don't have the camping supplies I need.  Figured Id go and sleep in the tent, build the fire and bring in dinner and from a local restaurant.  I do dread having to get up in the morning and go out  for coffee but it might be something to do.  I'm just going to get my bearings and will accumulate camping supplies overtime.  

As Roomie mentioned he would go golfing this weekend I have been guaranteed the alone time I need.  I think what Im discovering is...I don't really want to be alone...I just dont want to be with the wrong person-so Id rather go alone.  I'm in a quandry about what to do....


Community Leaderbobinmaine

It's always more fun when you have a partner to share those times with. It's not something I would choose to do alone but if you like getting to know yourself better, then being in nature can help enormously....

This veteran camper considers it a camping trip if I sleep behind the steering wheel of my car or throw a blanket out in the yard. All that fancy equipment is for label slaves, though I do love my dome tent, camp stove, etc. I'm tough, but I do like to pamper myself whenever possible. Personally, I prefer solo camping. Fewer committee meetings that way and committees are proof that none of us are as stupid as all of us. Committees are pretty high on the list of things my wilderness retreats help me escape for a time.

Whenever I am bare bones camping, I often buy my morning coffee the night before and drink my first cup cold. If I'm camping at a site with electricity, I carry my electric water kettle and instant coffee. Whichever way it falls together for you, don't be afraid to let it be a creative adventure. The minute you know what you are doing, the venture is no longer creative. You are just another expert. There is no shortage of experts in our heavily legislated world.

Enjoy, my brave adventurer. I'm looking forward to the update.

I used to camp in tents. Last time was in Wisconsin. The Dells. It was during college and it rained. I camped with two classmates. Now sometimes I camp at KOA camp grounds in their small cabin.

In autumn, I like going up to Michigan. There is something about grilling meat over a fire having a few beers but an ancient body of water. I normally play the song by Gordon Lightfoot "The Edmund Fitzgerald" That normally kicks off my driving. I never built a fire in the morning though.

It would be cool to build a fire in the morning and cook breakfast and boil coffee on it.