A little brighter!

Almost a week ago I went back to the dreaded Endo.  He brushes me off, wouldn't listen to what I had to say, and kept saying that I couldn't blame everything on my hypothyroid, even if they are all typical symptoms.  I have never been so tired and confused in  my life.  I've had brain injuries 14 years ago, and this brain confusion, not being able to understand, and extreme memory lost I'm having now is right up there.  So my first lab report comes back and I'm at TSH 0.50, which was 0.87 last time.  My T4 is 1.30.  He sent a copy of the report back to me with the notation that the levoxyl is sufficient treatment.  I'm trying to understand this.  I guess he must be OK about this, but why is my TSH dropped so low.  He's not concerned, and now I am waiting for the 24 hr. Urine Cortisol test results.  Maybe something will show it there.  I don't want another health issue, but I really do want to get to the bottom of all these symptoms.  The dr said it is quite obvious that something is really wrong, so I need to get an internist, and keep testing and searching.  I'm tired, so very tired.  Now I'm thinking eating sugar may be a link to all this.  It's a reach, but it's the only thing I could think of that I've started doing in the last 5 months that's different.  So I'm cutting down on sugar, and then if I see improvement, then that will be the end of any soda or desert at night.  But today things are a bit better.  My energy is slightly better as is my brain fog. Yesterday I pushed and got quite a few things done, and went shopping with Steve, and out to dinner.  We haven't been able to go out to eat in weeks due to my stomach virus, or whatever it is.  I was a little worried about eating out, since my stomach has been extremely unpredictable.  One minute I'm fine, the next I'm running to the bathroom.  But dinner went well last night, and I got a lot of cleaning done.  So it was a good day.  I thought I'd wake up miserable from all I did yesterday, but no, it's still another good day.  Yaahoo!  The sun is shining today and it's warmer, so I'm gonna get myself out for a while and walk around a bit.