A little better

I'm feeling a little better now. My throat and head stopped hurting, now it's just my nose that is giving me a hard time. As far as my depression goes, it's starting to subside for now. I told my work that I can't come in today because I'm sick. I noticed that I got much worse when I was at work yesterday so I thought I would try to avoid that today.
I got some more code done for my project. I plan to do some more later on and finish off all of the attacks by next week. After that I am going to move on to some of the harder stuff. I am good at making stuff happen in the game, but not so good at making menus, displays, and websites. I wish he would find someone else who wanted to do that.
I'm glad some of you liked that picture I posted. Just like the dog, I know I will never be able to change what is hurting me, but that doesn't mean I have to stop living my life. God chose to keep that dog alive eventhough he only has three legs just like he has chosen to keep me alive eventhough I have depression and emotional control issues. My mind has a hard time understanding a lot of the advice my friends on here give me, but that doesn't mean I'm not thankful for it. Just like how that dog had to get used to running and jumping with only three legs.