a little better

The stomach pain is almost gone.  I must have gotten something which then triggered the whole panic attack thing.  Stupid little things seem to trigger me anymore and it is frustrating.  I am a little constipated, so I think once that gets better I will feel better.  Something has been going around.  David had stomach aches a few days ago and now he has a bad full fledged cold.  he is home from school today.  Praying I get better and not worse. 
Got 2 new fires yesterday and had an a$$hole call and scream and send me 6 emails over the weekend about why did I price stuff at Walmart and he is not a Walmart shopper?  I told him A)  YOU gave me the list and I told you to be specific with ages, prices, place of purchase, description.  This way I can research the correct price.  did he do any of this?  NO.  I get:  black leather couch.  That's it.  B)  He yells about depreciation.  I put EVERYTHING in as 2-3 years old!  he gave me NO ages at all!  did I do him a favor?  YES!  C)  He rushed me and called and yelled every day so I rushed to get it don.  AND I said to him when done, if we need to fix, we will.  He was desperate for money.  So he screams and even calls my  office and screams, which they then call me.  I can't take much more.
People are in such dire straits and when they have a claim, they think their settlement money is going to make all of their problems go away. 
Did not eat much yesterday and only got like 1500 steps in for the entire day.  Today won't be much better. 
My mom lost her dog, a Tibetan Terrier, sometime ago.  I was with her when she got him and I took her and the dog to the vet to say goodbye.  As you know, I am very close to my mom.  so she is now ready to look for another dog and I started contacting breeders.  OMG, the dogs are $2000!  I sent a message on FB to my sister and 2 brothers.  Wouldn't it figure that Rob would be the one to respond?  And it was AWFUL!  why would I spend that much money on a dog, blah blah blah.  And why don't I spend that money to replace windows in my house?  (we lent my mom the downpayment to buy this house and my mom put my name on the deed and my brother can't get past this.)  I know he is not a nice person at times but it still hurts my feelings.
Praying for warmth, sunshine and a break.  Praying to get my head back. 



Glad you are feeling better. More than likely you have what is going around and will have the cold part of it next.
My daughter works customer service for a large electric company and last June when we had a severe storm and power was out a customer called and scream at her and blamed her for the storm. Upset customers are not using logic. It does not help that when they contact your company it is always about a tragic situation.
I was reading the Good HouseKeeping magazine yesterday and have to share the following from an article. It made me laugh out loud.
\"Adolescence is the time in a person\'s life when a young mind opens and brains fall out\"

Adding my prayers for warmth, sunshine.

This customer just sent an email to my boss saying he is writing a letter to the president of my company to complain of what I put his family through. I am so upset right now. I have 15 years with this company. I can\'t believe someone could be so mean and hateful.

Glad you are feeling better also. You have a stressed filled job.
I know you find ways to deal with these characters but it is still difficult.